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ASK Video – Melodyne Tutorial Bilingual (DVDR)

By | January 25, 2017

Thanks to its unique audio editing possibilities and its unrivalled sound quality, Melodyne is held in the highest esteem all over the world — by musicians, producers and sound designers. Learn everything from the most basic to the most advanced features Melodyne has to offer in this comprehensive, informative and professional video tutorial. 34 Videos Available in English… Read More »


By | January 17, 2017

Groove3 Mixing in Reel Time TUTORiAL Groove3 Producing EDM Vocals in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL Kadenze – Programming Max Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts (Session 10) Lynda Beginning Ukulele TUTORiAL Lynda Intermediate Acoustic Guitar TUTORiAL Mike Verta Putting It All Together Masterclass TUTORiAL Mike Verta Scoring 1 Masterclass TUTORiAL Mike Verta The Business Masterclass TUTORiAL Mike Verta… Read More »

Udemy Just Chords Piano and Keyboard Made Easy (TUTORiAL)

By | January 16, 2017

Learning to play piano by the use of chords is an ideal method for those not wishing to take the traditional route including an exam syllabus. For those wishing to play popular songs either for themselves or to sing with friends, this type of course will provide the required level of ability to download song chords and words… Read More »

Mixing and Mastering with Logic Pro X

By | January 15, 2017

In this course, composer and producer/engineer Skye Lewin shares his professional mixing and mastering techniques using Logic Pro X. He starts by showing how to prepare a project for mixing, from importing tracks to organizing them visually. Skye then discusses working with Logic’s mixer: controlling signal flow, working with plugins, and using sends and returns, groups, and the… Read More »

Sonic Academy – How To Make Melodic Techno with Chymera (TUTORiAL)

By | January 15, 2017

Sonic Academy welcomes the Berlin based Irish music maker Chymera to the helm for this truly deep and wonderful ?How To Make Melodic Techno? course. Chymera?s productions often fit comfortably between house and techno, and range from deeper cuts to more dancefloor focussed tracks, but always with a keen sense of melody. He has released various diverse and… Read More »

The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Online Course

By | January 13, 2017

  Firstly, let’s be clear that this course, unlike others, is not all theory. The course is about listening to our audio examples, learning what makes a good recording, understanding how things can go wrong, then making your own recordings and having the option of getting them listened to and commented by us. But you do need to… Read More »


By | January 4, 2017

  Lynda – Audition CC Essential Training TUTORiAL UPDATE Lynda – Premiere Pro CC Essential Training (2015) TUTORiAL Lynda – Up and Running with Pro Tools TUTORiAL SDK Media – Ableton Live 9 Ultimate Course TUTORiAL SDK Media – Native Instruments Massive Course TUTORiAL Skillfeed – Learn the basics of Sibelius 7.5 TUTORIAL Udemy – Guitar Learn 10… Read More »

Truefire – Robben Ford’s Rhythm Revolution [Guitar Tutorial, ENG]

By | May 30, 2016

  Over the course of his 40-year recording and performing career, Robben Ford’s rhythm guitar work has excited the ears of his audience, fired up his musical collaborations with dozens of top artists and simply amazed his fellow guitar players. “Playing rhythm guitar is the greatest joy in my musical life,” says Robben, “I love the subject of… Read More »

Truefire – Carl Verheyen’s SWAT Rhythm [Guitar Tutorial, ENG]

By | May 30, 2016

  True to Verheyen form, this nine-section SWAT Rhythm Guitar curriculum over-delivers fretboard wisdom for virtually any style of rhythm guitar. SECTION 1: Rhythm Tips In this first section, Carl presents four key concepts: The Drummers Heartbeat, Energy Concentration, Shuffle Types and Less Is More. Key learnings here include the importance of underplaying, how to identify and locate… Read More »

Truefire – Corey Congilio’s Rhythm Factory Texas Blues [Guitar Tutorial, ENG]

By | May 30, 2016

  On January 24th in 1848, James Marshall triggered the California Gold Rush when he uncovered a handful of shiny pebbles while building a lumber mill in Coloma, California. Subsequently, hundreds of thousands of people, from all over the globe, suffered great hardship to make their way by land and sea to seek their own fortunes. We guitarists… Read More »