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Big Fish Audio – Stratos: Drones & Atmospheres (WAV)

By | July 30, 2017

  “9/10… this is a great sound set for film composers and fans of experimental or ambient music.” – Music Tech Magazine “There are 50 construction kits in total, and they’re great for mixing and matching, giving birth to some of the most hideously deformed sonic treatments you could hope for.” – Computer Music Magazine Stratos Drones &… Read More »

Masterbits – Switch FX (wav)

By | July 18, 2017

  Whistles, clicks, noises, outgoing noises, noises fading and so on … all that is needed (for example) for the design of the television and radio broadcasting … will help in the manufacture of sweepers, jingles, screen savers, advertising … This Multimedia CD-Rom contains 1,800 (!!!) high quality Switch & Button sounds, Beeper, Drones, Zap-Effects & Click Noises… Read More »

Sony Media Software arhythmiA Drums and Drones Vol.1 (WAV, ACiD, REX2)

By | December 29, 2016

  Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon, NIN sound designer Keith Hillebrandt, and Sony Media Software present the arhythmiA: Drums & Drones series, a twin volume collection that spans four discs full of 24-bit .wav files, assorted Propellerhead Software Recycleô files (.rx2 file format), and ACID software projects, that deliver an instantly identifiable sonic imprint that canít be… Read More »

Synth Magic – ARP Exploration 1 (KONTAKT)

By | November 19, 2016

Kontakt synth based on the 1970’s ARP Explorer 1 synthesiser: 2.5GB of samples(compressed to 1.5GB using NI’s lossless compression) taken from a real ARP Explorer1. Synth Magic Exploration 1 comprises the raw oscillators and a collection of presets made on a real ARP Explorer 1 using the original ARP patch overlays and owners’ manual patch sheets, which we… Read More »

SampleTraxx – STIGMA Vocal Textures Atmospheres Drones (KONTAKT)

By | November 6, 2016

STIGMA is a collection of vocal textures, atmospheres, sci-fi drones, pitch dark soundscapes for sound designers, composers and music producers. The key element of the library is the creation of unique background and ambient tracks, dramatic vocal sequences and expressive organic vocalscapes featuring an exclusive set of female/male, choirs and abstract/mutant vocals with Key information, ranging from 20… Read More »

Zero-G – Arc Evolving Soundscapes and Drones (MULTiFORMAT)

By | November 1, 2016

ARC – Evolving Soundscapes and Drones is an amazing 4GB sound library full of dream like musical environments from the totally fantastical to the downright nightmarish. Composer John Valasis is a master of creating vast emotional audio landscapes that transcend their medium. These brilliant sonic panoramas will add interest to any type of musical work whether it be… Read More »

Best Service Epic World DVD9

By | September 23, 2016

Best Service Epic World – Virtual Instrument Epic World – Cinematic Landscapes by Eduardo Tarilonte is the perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambience for films, documentaries, video games and new age music. CINEMATIC LANDSCAPES Epic World is a sample library of unique sounds you won‘t find anywhere else. In a matter of seconds you… Read More »

Audio Imperia – Event Horizon Vol 1 (KONTAKT)

By | June 2, 2016

  The AUDIO IMPERIA “Event Horizon” series is specifically designed for modern science fiction campaigns in the likes of Tron, Interstellar, Oblivion, Gravity, Elysium and similar movies. We heavily drew inspiration from musicians such as M83, Daftpunk, Thomas Bergersen, Junkie XL and Steven Price. The kit includes: Downers Drones (Electronic) Drums Hits (Designed) Pulses 3/4 Pulses 4/4 Spiccato Synths Subs (Soft)… Read More »

8Dio – Hybrid Tools Vol.1 (KONTAKT)

By | January 9, 2016

Hybrid Tools Vol. 1 is the second hybrid tool for composers of soundtracks, which is a logical continuation of a series Rhythmic Aura. Hybrid Tools is an extremely flexible and intuitive tool designed to give a contemporary sound to your compositions. The library includes 38 different banks with tools from hybrid rhythms to transforming metals drones to crazy… Read More »