Steinberg Groove Agent 2 + Steinberg Virtual Bassist [Win]

By | November 30, 2016

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Steinberg Groove Agent 2

Your Virtual Drummer…

Steinberg Groove Agent is a stunning new VSTi that provides you with ready-to-go drum rhythms in only a few mouse clicks – a virtual drummer! Groove Agent can play the hottest, most popular and influential styles from the past 50 years of music history – inside your VST host application. Based on quality drum samples most of which were recorded especially to analogue tape, Steinberg Groove Agent puts a top studio drummer at your fingertips.

Creating your own drum track couldn’t be simpler – just choose a music style, a drum kit and you’re off. Set the amount of drum room ambience, play fills and half-time breaks. Steinberg Groove Agent can play at over two dozen different complexity levels, allowing you to create the right mood with your rhythm track simply by moving a slider. Adjust volume, ambience, decay, tuning and velocity response individually for each instrument.

Need drums? Contact your Groove Agent.

* Over 50 musical styles (each with their own drum style patterns), programmed by top Swedish musicians
* Up to two dozen complexity levels in each style, including fills and half tempo feel variations
* Combine any style with any drum kit – instantly
* Four unique drum kits plus percussion and numerous electronic drum sounds
* Separate dry and wet (ambience) samples and 4 stereo outputs for total flexibility
* User-configurable drum kits, including tweaking of sounds
* 24 Bit drum sounds, most of them recorded via analog tape
* Combine any musical style with any preset kit
* Fine-tune the overall feel with the Shuffle and Humanize controls
* Save snapshots of your tweaks for easy recall



Steinberg Virtual Bassist

Using dynamic phrases based on real performances by top studio bass players in 30 styles, Virtual Bassist covers almost every conceivable music genre, delivering top class bass sounds and phrases for rock, pop, reggae, metal and hip hop to name just a few. Playing Virtual Bassist is just as easy as playing the keys on your MIDI keyboard: each style contains 2 octaves of phrases of varying complexity and fills.

The innovative GrooveMatch Technology allows users to mould the Virtual Bassist bass line performance to existing drum grooves either by flexibly editing notes or shifting the overall groove of any phrase. Owners of Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist or Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition will find pre-matched grooves for phrases and patterns in those instruments, creating a tightly integrated drum, bass and guitar rhythm section.

Virtual Bassist comes with a full range of outstanding sound-shaping features, including six high-quality virtual stomp box effects optimized for bass guitar, a choice of tube or solid state amp head, bass cabinets and microphones as well as mic positioning options to build ideal bass guitar parts. The included effects can also be used on any other audio channel in music production environments such as Steinberg’s Cubase SX3.

* Absolutely realistic and professional Virtual Bass player based on real performances
* Fast and easy to use thanks to extensive keyboard control
* 30 styles covering all areas of electric bass playing, numerous fills and variations per style
* Outstanding bass sound shaping (bass model, attack, damping, pickup position)
* Realtime performance controls (Complexity, Swing, Tempo a.s.o)
* Two basic operation modes: Chord (fully automatic) or Note (automatic patterns, manual note pitch)
* GrooveMatch feature allows for adapting the bass lines to any existing drum groove
* Pre-matched grooves for perfect Groove Agent, Virtual Guitarist, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition Integration
* Amp section with tube or solid state amp selector, speaker/mic selector, EQ
* High-quality virtual stomp box effects such as Wah, Octaver, Overdrive, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, Compressor
* Amp/FX section also provided as separate FX plug-in
* Compatible to any VST, DXi, AU or ReWire host application under OSX and PC.

Size: 1.17 GB


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