By | August 23, 2017

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A continuation of our acclaimed eBow Guitar instrument, Xbow Guitars showcases our further experiments with unconventional ways of playing guitars. The result is a suite of unique yet organic virtual instruments.

Guitars played with a violin bow. The result is very similar to a conventional string sound, but with its own distinct character. Four articulations were sampled, including playing with the wood of the bow (col legno). The main violin bow articulation is a dynamic crossfade patch, interpolating between the soft bow and the hard bow. Both acoustic and electric guitars were sampled.

The ebow (Energy bow), is a hand held device that ‘bows’ the strings of a guitar using an electromagnetic field. It produces a unique guitar sound, with a very slow attack and infinite sustain. Acoustic and two electric guitars were recorded with vibrato and without, with high and low ebow power settings which can be crossfaded using the mod-wheel giving extra expression to your playing.

Another unusual technique, in which an ‘electronic massage device’ is used to stimulate the strings. It’s an edgy sound, like a constant tremolo effect, ideal for atmospheres and effects. Both acoustic and electric guitars were sampled.

A new version of the Godley and Creme developed device that attaches to an electric guitar and uses tiny rubber wheels to bow the strings. You can vary the speed (velocity) of the wheels on the device itself, which we then sampled to create a dynamic crossfade system in the virtual instrument.

Product Details

24bit 48khz stereo & mono sampling. 8,600 samples.

9GB Download (16 GB instrument before Kontakt NCW Compression)

130 Preset snapshots


1 Acoustic + 1 Electric Guitar, stereo mic channel, mono pickup channel.

9 fret positions, dynamic layer crossfade, 5 round robin layers

Cello Bow Articulations:



1 Acoustic + 2 Electric Guitars, stereo mic channel, mono pickup channel, Neck + bridge pickups (electric guitar 2), key-off level control, dynamic layer crossfade, 12 fret positions (electric guitar 2), 2 round robin layers


1 Acoustic + 1 electric guitar, 8 fret positions, dynamic layer crossfade, Microphone + Pickup channels


Electric Guitar – 12 fret positions, dynamic layer crossfade, 2 round robins, Neck + Bridge pickup channels


Soniccouture Jammer 2, generative arpeggiator

Soniccouture Modular FX Insert system

Soniccouture Space Reverb module with custom IRs

Kontakt Player + NKS Compatible (Kontakt 5.5.1 required)


Publisher : Soniccouture
Website :
Format : KONTAKT
Quality : 24 bit 48khz stereo


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