ProduceRnB – Chord Master PKS VOL.1 V2.3.1.0 (VST, VSTi, AU) [WIN OSX x86 x64]

By | September 22, 2018

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Year / Release Date : 07/30/2018
Version :
Developer : ProduceRnB
Developer’s site :
Format : VSTi
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : not required
System requirements : Compatibility with any software DAW or Music, which loads plug-ins VST, VSTi.
Formats included: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit, VST for Mac, AU for Mac

Description : PKS VSTi chord master
This one-of-a-kind plug-in gives you the freedom and freedom to easily set realistic chords and progressions! Create your own chord progressions and drawings effortlessly!
We took whole chord / chord chord sequences and laid every chord on your keyboard for almost infinite possibilities when it comes to creating new progressions and patterns. Each chord is actually played by a musician to give you a real professional sound.
Choose between a classical piano, Fender rhodes keyboard or Symphatic Strings. Each sound is of high quality and played by a professional to give you the most authenticated chords.
Eliminate the work of Guess
All chord sets were grouped on the keyboard. Thus, you press the keys up the keyboard, you get chords that sound good together. Not many guesses. You know, without a doubt, you will find excellent chords that sound good together. It’s easy to mix and match chords to create unique emotions.

1. Easily create your own chord progression
2. Faster Bits / Songs
Put professional musical foundation
4. Easy monophonic chords (just press the key and hear a beautiful chord)
5. Free yourself creatively
6. High-quality pianoforte, keyboard and string sounds
7. Over 100 chords to mix a match and create great music with
8.ADSR controls
9.Pitch Control

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How to install in Windows?
Extract the Chord Master PKS VSTi folder to the location that you remember, or to the shared VST plug-ins folder. Usually the plugins are Steinberg / VST. You can find this folder by checking the VST settings in your DAW software or creating music. With the help of some music programs, such as FL Studio and Maschine, you can add a new location within your plugin / VST settings. In this case, you just added a new location and pointed to the folder Chord Master PKS VSTi.
Re-scan your plug-ins in your music software
You are finished
How to install on the MAC?
First, extract the Chord Master PKS VSTi folder to your hard drive or desktop
For AU: Open the PKS VSTi chord master. Then open the AU folder for Mac and copy the Chord Master PKS VSTi component to:
Components of plug-ins for hard disks
For VST for MAC: open the VST folder for Mac and copy the Chord Master PKS VSTi component to:
Audio plug-ins for VST hard disks
Open DAW and load the plugin exactly like any other plugin. If you do not see the plug-in in the list, be sure to check the DAW settings to find out which folder your DAW is looking for in order to find other AU or VST plug-ins. Then copy the Chord Master or VST for Mac component to this folder.

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