PreSonus – Studio One 3 Professional v3.2.1 [OSX]

By | February 3, 2017

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PreSonus – Studio One 3 Professional v3.2.1 OS X [R2R][dada]
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SUPPLiER : TEAM R2R | DATE : 2016.04.02
What’s New In Studio One Version 3
The next standard is here! Introducing Studio One 3. New version 3 builds on the blazingly fast workflow, unparalleled sound quality, and rock-solid stability that made Studio One the fastest growing DAW of all time. It adds innovative songwriting and arranging tools, inspiring and unique sound-design capabilities, and a gorgeous new, high-dpi, multi-touch interface that is optimized to keep you engaged, even on extended sessions.

New features and improvements:

Save and restore Studio 192, RM and AI mixer settings (Fat Channel, Pre-amp).
New button in mixer settings controls restores audio device settings.
Pass-through mode for Mix Engine FX.
New option allows Mix Engine FX plug-ins in a downstream bus (like Main Out) to process all upstream channels, even if a bus is inserted in between).
Different indicator LED colors for different Mix Engine FX routings.
Added 23.98 (23.976) frame-rate support for HD video.
Show relative value tooltip when using transform tool.
VCA Channel – Show/Hide Targets.
Loop follows selection shouldn’t activate Loop.
Zoom Tool available in Music Editor.
VCA Fader should follow multiple selected tracks.
Option to play overlaps in create song dialog.
Option to switch off auto color.
Return to Start on Stop without view jump.
Group tracks hidden in hidden folder.
Suspend “Loop follows selection” when loop has been changed manually.
Save play start marker in song.
[Win] Updated GEAR CD burning drivers.

The following issues have been fixed:

[OS X] Sample Rate Mismatch In OS X 10.8.5 and 10.9.5.
[OS X] Preview in file selector missing.
[OS X] Help Viewer not brought to front again.
Putting a Main bus automation under a Track folder hides the main bus.
Shift modifier conflict.
XLN audio plugin stalls progress dialog.
Crossfade not working after applying it.
Crash when loading song.
MIDI notes are not recorded correctly using Repeater in input mode.
Repeater’s Gate causes unpredictable playback at low settings.
Groove Programs B to G not properly recalled.
VCA Fader only shows metering while Peak/RMS is selected.
Auto-scroll not applied again after activating it.
X Fade: hard to get back to linear.
Changing Note velocity repeatedly by mouse input won’t go below 13/10%.
Arranger area (partially) black after closing extended editor.
Return to Last Locate on Stop.
Input Level meter pre inserts (was post in 3.1.1).
Multi-output instruments track assignment issue.
Invert Macro Control doesn’t work properly.
FX Wet/Dry broken when saving the song for the first time.
FX Sends can be dragged on insert FX.
[Mai Tai] Pitch & Key follow doesn’t work correctly.
Markers are unnecessarily duplicated when created from Arranger sections.
Automation volume drop when adding VCA.
Micro-view state not recalled when instantiating from thumbnail or plugin name.
Vertical zoom state not restored by Restore Zoom State.
Group Comping: switching layers for grouped tracks.
Unexpected result on numerical changes to event start inside part.
Start of audio event within part snaps to wrong position after specific action.
Slip-editing single short Event within part not correctly redrawn in editor.
Go to next/prev track is not working on Project Page.
“Solo follows selection” broken for Folder Tracks attached to a VCA.
Mute and Solo key commands don’t work for VCAs.
Doubled audition notes sent when using arrow keys to switch.
Pro EQ “Waterfall” moving faster while editing a curve.
Listen tool as alternative tool does not solo channel.
Crash after drawing on tempo track after Scale Time, with Scratchpad open.
External Instrument Bounce broken for multi-channel MIDI.
Channel editor opens in detached Melodyne editor.
Marker color does not update when changed with mouse wheel (suppressed now).
When “Show Automation” is enabled, automation data is always pasted to displayed lane.
Start region of successively recorded audio event is not exact (but early).
Return to Start on Stop is ignored on Record.
Click in Empty Space does not locate in playback.
Last CC node in part always being set to the last CC value before punch out.
MIDI CC data resets to last value after loop cycle.
Record Mix MIDI CC data in a loop, randomly replaced for blanks.
Bus ends up in folder Bus when dragging folder past other Bus in console.
DDP cd-protocol.html is missing EAN code.
Keygen APP OS X 2016.0 [dada]

.app to execute Keygen.exe

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