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Big Fish Audio – Deep Dub Rising Sample Library (WAV, AIFF)

By | June 30, 2017

  Big Fish Audio invites you to lose the borders and constraints on your current musical experiences with Deep Dub Rising Sample Library. Flow into the Deep Dub Rising with sultry Caribbean steel pans, undulating Delhi tabla patterns, Djembe, Doumbek, Tabla, Tonbak, Sitar, Darbouka, Ghaval, Kpanlogo, Talking Drums, Sabar, Afro-Caribbean guitars…melanged within a modern context of the beat.… Read More »

Big Fish Audio Bunker 8 Digital Labs – Hybridizer 3 (MULTIFORMAT)

By | June 30, 2017

  Big Fish Audio Hybridizer 3 – Multi-format disc containing more than 8,300 different samples and sound designs, Hybridizer 3 covers many musical genres, especially applicable for writing movie soundtracks, interactive projects and video games Bunker 8 Digital Labs 3.8 Thousands of “hybridized” sample fanatics around the world demanded it and ‘The Bunks’ delivered … 7.4 GB! Over… Read More »

Arcadia Production Library #4 – Media Music CD 1-17 (WAV)

By | June 30, 2017

  ARCADIA consists of 20 music libraries, each of which is developed and created by ARCADIA, including 700 music cd for media production and 20,000 tracks. Almost immediately, as you start using Music-Finder, you will be convinced that this is the most powerful and accurate music search engine in the media industry, combining as many as four independent… Read More »

Hollywood Edge – Sound Designer Tool Kit Collection Samples FX5 (WAV)

By | June 30, 2017

  Sound Designer Tool Kit This five disc set of production elements includes three discs of various stingers, rumbles, booms, whooshes and hits, plus two additional discs of musical effects, hits, accents and music beds. If you are looking for a specific stinger to use, you’ll find it in this collection! The musical effects include various categories, from… Read More »

Electronisounds – Trip-Hop Pandemonium (wav)

By | June 30, 2017

Another (for some reason shot at the moment from the sale) set of samples to create slow music. Includes: Accompanied One-Shots, Chord Pedals, Drum Settings, Drum Magnifiers, Special Effects, Guitar Samples, Multisamples, Tools by hu-shots, Organ, Vocals. Drum Kits Drum Loops FX Guitar Chords Inspiration Kits Instrument Multi-Samples Misc. Chords Percussion Grooves Textures Vocal Samples Developer: Format:… Read More »

Big Fish Audio – Punk & Indie Rock: Slammin Sounds of So-Cal (Multiformat)

By | June 29, 2017

  Producer and musician Dan Diaz turns out some of the hardest-hitting Punk and Indie Rock tracks available anywhere. Packed with tons of raw material, this DVD showcases the authentic pace and volume of today’s Southern California music scene. Raised in the Poway community of San Diego, famed by Blink 182, Diaz delivers tight, hard-thumping punk anthems, and… Read More »